Services For Marketing Teams & Leaders

Looking for some help with your existing brand or product launch. Launch Rocket works with your existing team to help reduce cost and stay within budget.

Our Services

Teams and Leaders Like You, Use Our Awesome Services!

We help marketing teams and leaders help execute on their organizations brand vision. Our independent services can help with market research, design, launches and managed services.

Discovery Services

What does your brand stand for? How well does it communicate its core values? How do consumers feel about the brand? These are the types of problems we would love to help answer.​

Brand discovery is a crucial step in aligning your business goals to brand strategy and maximizing the long-term success of your brand. We can evaluate the brand image, communications, consumer perception, and competition.

Design Services

Some often mistake a design for a brand but it is only one stage in the process of branding.​

However, it would be wrong to underestimate the role of design. It is the basic mark of brand identity, the most prominent symbol of brand image and the foundation of effective marketing strategy enabling its connection with the target audience.​

Design plays a big part in branding, so we make sure to pay close attention to the process and find something you love.

Let's Take Off!

With all the elements in place, it is time to launch your brand/product.

That means creating your first posts, offering your services, or making a name for yourself. We would love to help with managing digital campaigns, radio spots, drip campaigns, demographic targeting, print or even showing up at tradeshows. ​

On the surface that may sound easy, but there are many moving parts that need to align to help you take off! The good news is that with all the prep work we have done before, our launch you will have a great opportunity to take off!

Management Services

With great up-front work, your brand launch will take off, gaining momentum as you provide consistent service and quality.

Even with a successful launch, you will still need to manage your brand going forward.

That is why we offer a dedicated team, always monitoring our client’s reputation, doing continuing research, and updating the brand as the market evolves.

Even if you have already launched your product or brand, Launch Rocket would love the opportunity to help keep your audience engaged and your brand in orbit!

Our Why!

We LOVE to see our clients take off! Marketing Leaders and Teams need a little help from time to time. We are a part of you team and will assist with as much or as little as your team needs.

Value Your Brand
Need More Customers
Need To Avoid Risks
Would Like Help
New Product or Service
Stay Ahead Of Competition

Other Leaders and Teams Just Like Yours

Leaders and teams like you see these benefits from working with Launch Rocket.

Avoid Risks

Many small businesses have limited capital and really can't afford to miss the mark on your brand marketing.

Grow Your Company

With a clear vision and brand strategy your product or service will take off, with rocket power!

More Time For Business

Sometimes you need to wear many hats, let Launch Rocket put a few of those on and let you focus on your idea.

Find Your Why

Knowing why you and your company does what is does is important for building a sustainable brand.

Customer Loyalty

Engaging your customers through social media and ai tools will help you grow your brand faster than your competition.

Save Money

Our expertise will help you save time, money and avoid risks!

So What Do You Think?

We LOVE to see our clients take off and it would be awesome if we worked together on building your brand or new product!

  • You value your brand
  • You want to reduce risks and costs
  • You see value in Launch Rocket's Why